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10 best mermaid movies on Netflix you should watch right now


10 best mermaid movies on Netflix you should watch right now -Some of the most intriguing species in the world of human imagination are mermaids. For centuries, people of all ages have been captivated by the mythological animals. This has sparked stories and films about their strength and beauty. You’ll be astonished by how many Mermaid films there are on Netflix.

Many times, mermaids are portrayed as beautiful creatures from the underworld. They have long since been a part of countless childhoods and even adulthoods. Their dominance on large and small screens is evident in the finest mermaid films on Netflix, where they are portrayed in a variety of ways, ranging from the weird to friendly, menacing, and dangerous.

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10 best mermaid movies on Netflix in 2023

The main themes of mermaid films include magic, elegance, and wonderful experiences. People like viewing films about these species as a result. The top ten mermaid films on Netflix are shown below:

1. The Little Mermaid (1989)

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IMDb rating7.6/10 | Runtime: 1h 23m

One of the top Netflix actual mermaid films is The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, two Disney successes, brought back the series. It tells the tale of Ariel, a mermaid, and her passionate love affair with Prince Eric.

Ariel makes the decision to live as a human instead of a mermaid after falling in love in order to be with her true love. The movie is regarded as one of the best and has received numerous honours, including two Academy Awards.

2. Aquamarine (2006)

IMDb rating5.4/10 | Runtime: 1h 50m

One of the top mermaid films on Disney Plus is Aquamarine. In order to avoid being wed off without her will, Aquamarine left her life as a mermaid and the book tells her narrative. She asks Claire and Hailey for assistance.

To show Aquamarine’s father that genuine love exists, the three collaborates to court a human. She focuses on Raymond, a gorgeous lifeguard. Fortunately, she prevails in her battle with Cecilia to win the lifeguard’s heart.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for Cecilia to reveal Aquamarine’s secret identity as a mermaid because a romantic relationship between Aquamarine and Raymond has already developed.

3. The Mermaid (2016)

IMDb rating: 6.2/10 | Runtime: 1h 34m

The narrative of Shan, the titular mermaid, is told in the fantastic movie The Mermaid. She departs towards China in order to save her family members who are in captivity aboard a sunken ship. She planned in her mind how to kill one of the men who was in charge of contaminating a portion of the river.

Instead, she lets her defences down and falls in love with him completely. As a result, the movie becomes an action adventure with sporadic scenes of romantic comedy. The movie features various mythical creatures in addition to mermaids.

4. The Shape of Water (2017)

IMDb rating: 7.3/10 | Runtime: 2h 3m

One of the top mermaid films is The Shape of Water. It has to do with Elisa’s story, a nice woman who keeps to herself throughout the film. She works as a cleaning lady for a top-secret government agency in Baltimore.

She makes a sweet bond with an odd, scaled aquatic creature. The cleaning lady gets close to the mythological creature and learns that it is in grave danger and that she is the only one who can save it.

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5. Miranda (1948)

IMDb rating: 6.8/10 | Runtime: 1h 20m

If Miranda wasn’t mentioned, the list of mermaid films would be lacking. It was made to pique viewers’ interest in mermaids once again as noteworthy characters in blockbuster films. Furthermore, the movie is based on a genuine story. A mermaid saves a fisherman, and Miranda tells his story.

She’s going to hold him as a prisoner. In exchange for his release, he pledges to look after the mermaid while she plays in London theatres. Unfortunately, after getting caught up in everyone’s interpersonal ties throughout the entire village, the mermaid causes chaos.

6. Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

IMDb rating: 5.6/10 | Runtime: 1h 1m

One of the best mermaid films, Barbie Dolphin Magic recounts the exploits of Barbie and her sisters. They go to see Ken, a student conducting dolphin research at a coral reef. They discover a rare, rainbow-colored dolphin that comes to the area only once a year as they dive and explore.

They are inspired to find out more about preserving coral reefs by their finding. They later encountered Isla, a strange new monster. She shares the other group’s goal of preserving the coral reef.

Even though it initially appears to be a straightforward chore, it becomes more interesting once they learn Isla is a mermaid. Unfortunately, they don’t have much time to enjoy meeting a mermaid because of the difficult work ahead of them.

7. Peter Pan (1953)

IMDb rating: 7.3/10 | Runtime: 1h 17m

One of the top siren films on Netflix is Peter Pan. It centres on a group of teenagers who flee to Neverland in order to escape the difficult truths of life.

Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael Darling discover a number of mermaids in the water after setting foot on land. The mythological creatures are described as being incredibly beautiful.

8. Splash (1984)

IMDb rating6.3/10 Runtime: 1h 51m

Great mermaid film Splash centres on Allen Bauer. A mermaid saves him from drowning when he was a young lad. Years later, he goes back to the same spot, where the same mermaid once more saves him from drowning.

The mermaid looks for Bauer in New York City using maps from a lost ship. She gets lucky and meets him, and they start dating. But once she’s in the water, her secret is no longer a secret, and she has to preserve it.

9. Sabrina Down Under (1999)

IMDb rating: 5.7/10 | Runtime: 1h 37m

One of the best Netflix mermaid series is Sabrina Down Under. It chronicles Sabrina’s journey to Australia with her British companion Gwen. She meets Barnaby, a strong merman living in a hidden mermaid colony, and they fall in love.

She learns that a biologist and various pollutants are endangering ecosystems. She so dedicates her life to preserving the colony out of love and the need to protect the environment.

10. She Creature

IMDb rating5.8/10 | Runtime: 1h 31m

You should see She Creature, one of the spookiest mermaid films on Netflix. Sewell and Gugino, two Irish funfair workers running a drab sideshow for a circus, are the main characters in the novel. When Aubrey introduces the two to her genuine mermaid, they become friends.

They kidnap the mermaid in the pursuit of fame and success. The pair makes the cunning decision to ship the mermaid to America. Unexpectedly, the ship loses its bearings and travels in the direction of the fabled Forbidden Islands. The mermaid begins to display its nasty side as they travel.


For fans of everything mermaid, there are several options on the streaming juggernaut Netflix. The top mermaid films on Netflix featured above, which range from contemporary adaptations to timeless fairytales, will make you want for a submerged existence.

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