How to Write a Song in 8 Easy Steps


It’s the same reason why we have lyrics to read and understand the wordings of a song admits the sounds and tunes.


Every singer also bags the title as a songwriter and some people are even professional songwriters, they write songs for people, get paid and the buyer shines with the paid lyrics.

Whether you are planning on writing for the money or writing for yourself and singing it, these steps will guide you on how to write a song for beginners.

It should be noted here that the steps are in no particular order and also there are different strokes for different folks.

Some persons might prefer to get the sound of the music first and then sing in line with it, while scribbling the lyrics down, however, some prefer to just sit down, draft out the lyrics before needing the instrumentals.

Some even write the lyrics after hitting the studio for recording.

Yeah! some are that talented, they could just get the inspiration, hit the studio, find a music background and starting singing, after recording, they go home and start writing out the lyrics.

So let’s get down to the meat of the matter.

The following outlined steps on how to write a song:

Get Inspired

Songs are off springs of the heart, from it’s abundance of content, lyrics are birthed.

Is there something that inspires you? something that gulps the bulk of your passion?

Something that really inspires you to create a change around you?

Then your song is half done.

You will have more to write about when you are so particular about a thing.

So find something that inspires you greatly and pitch your tent there.

You are entitled to enough content from the passion you have towards a particular thing.

Love is a household subject and if you are very interested on the topic, those your wild thoughts and fantasies on love can get you great lyrics.

Get a Sound Track

Most times, we spontaneously give out lyrics that don’t relate to one another just for the fun of it, when we hear a great sound track.

That’s another way to start writing a song.

Good tunes inspire songs out of most people, so if you’re in this category, this gives you a fine start.

It could be coming from a keyboardist playing a background to kill time in a function and it resonates to some lyrics in your head.

Find him, and get him to continue with it while you give him the lyrics in a piecemeal manner as you write.

Personally, I can’t remember how many songs I’ve written while hearing sound tracks from different sources.

These tracks struck chords in my heart and out of it came out great lyrics for some very good songs.

This is also a fine start.

Get Lyrics from Experience

Personal life experiences can make a great song.

You could be heartbroken  from a relationship where you invested all you had on a loved partner, you could be layed off from work, had an accident, got a new job, transited from a career, anything could inspire a good song.

Hinge on your experiences and make a song out of it.

Most movies are based on real life stories, same with books and songs are major products of life experiences.

Use your experience to your advantage.

Get a Partner

This is sequel to step 2 above.

While you are at it, dishing out the wordings to a great tune, a partner, could be a friend or relative or even a new acquaintance can be of a great help in contributing  to that song in progress.

No one has monopoly of ideas, there are one or two additions that can be made by your partner as you sing.

The person could even provide you a chorus or a second verse to the song.

Suffice to add that, you are not mandated to start with a solo verse first before going into the chorus, music is almost an inspirational thing, done out of one’s volition or discretion.

Don’t be compelled to write a solo first before the chorus or vice versa, just follow the directions of your heart.

Get a Pen and Paper, Stick to It

Oftentimes, ideas might just fly right into our heads in the course of meeting, a road trip, a party, a luncheon, it could come in any setting, get out your pen and paper and write it down, if I don’t have, your phone can be of help.

Use the note pad to save it, it could come in handy when you settle down to write.

Get a Title for Your Song Now

This is not also compulsory, people write the titles of their songs first before anything while some get a title after the full song is set.

The latter is much more ideal.

Out of the many lyrics of the song, it will be easier to select a title from the lot.

A well befitting title that reflects the whole meaning of the song comes when the entire song is in view.

Get Some Rest

The process of writing a song could be a tiring venture.

So a retreat is necessary.

After writing for a while, take a break to refill or recharge the source of the lyrics.

Some people even write one line a day, and come back to write the next day.

A break makes you see the lyrics you’ve written in a different light and from a fresh perspective which can help you make amends to it.

You must not complete the song in one fell swoop.

Take your time.

Get Feedbacks and Edit

Based on all the sources and means to start writing, when your song is all set, it needs to be viewed from another lens.

Which is why you will need someone to serve as a feedback.

The person’s role is to listen to the song thoroughly and let you in on some things noticed to be awkward or irrelevant which can then help you to edit.

Get a music professional if you can to constructively review the song you’ve written so you don’t have a satisfactory smug on your face while you give out garbage to the public in ignorance.

Two heads have always been better one.

Conclusion on how to write a song

Whether you are writing a gospel song or a secular one, it’s important to write out the lyrics and be sure they are reasonable.

Do not be famous for junk lyrics.

Songs have inspired people to greatness in several fields of endeavours and all credits goes to the singer.

Get your thought processes right, and pen down good lyrics from whichever source your inspiration comes from.

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